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Introduce & Contact

Vieclamasian.comReputable Recruitment Website


Headquarters: Floor 20 - Building Geleximco - 36 Hoang Cau, Ward O Cho Dua, District Dong Da, City. Hanoi.

Representative office: 10th floor –Shell Residences – Epifanio de los Santos Ave, Pasay, Metro Manila

Hotline: 0999.545.1111 & 0999.339.6666

In order to create a healthy recruiting environment, avoid fraud in the recruitment of uncredited HR.

PHIL24H.COM has developed and launched an online recruitment website platform, quick, simple, reputable and effective job search ... 

Website platform with outstanding technologies as follows:

  1. Providing job search functions through 3 main languages ​​of the Website: English, Chinese, and Vietnamese.
  2. Provide job search engine through job title, company name, geographic location near you (6 countries in Southeast Asia), and location to make it possible for job seekers quickly find jobs according to their needs. And especially 100% free.
  3. In addition, the page has a CV upload function, allowing users to manage their CVs and apply them to the jobs they apply for.
  4. The HR can post jobs for their company, can search for candidates for their company. (But the website administrators only allow and prioritize the prominent HR when posting to real HR avatars, avoiding the situation of HR impersonating to post a job that is not reputable).

In addition, the website is updated with a lot of useful news related to work.

  • Job Seeker Activity (Candidate)
  • Candidates to the Website and find job information suitable for themselves by job category, by country, city, or near you. Or log into the system of the Website to be able to apply online with employers.
  • Candidates who register for an account of the candidate website will update information such as: full name, phone number, email, ... contact information so that the employer can contact the candidate when the recruiter sees it. fit.
  • Candidates can view the posts, read tips to make finding jobs easier.
  • Candidates can save posts as they see fit.
  • Candidates can apply online through the URL that links directly to the employer.

Employer activity (HR)

  • HR goes to the website and find the right candidate for the job they are recruiting.
  • HR needs to register for an account and post jobs to find candidates that match their criteria.
  • HR can search for candidates, view candidate details.
  • HR contacts candidates by phone or email provided by the candidate.

Activities of the management board

  • Moderating posts, recruitment news. The outstanding and prestigious HR. This will bring tangible results for companies and jobseekers, as well as be more productive, find a more reputable HR avoiding more and more online fraud through job search. Social Network.

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